Bird Watching
in Acadia National Park

OUNT DESERT ISLAND is home to an astonishing diversity of birds and is a popular destination for bird-watching enthusiasts. A checklist of birds in Acadia National Park lists 326 species present at some time over the years, either as summer or winter residents, transients, or rare visitors. The coast is a particularly good place to observe birds-there are no obstructing trees, and all the birds you see can be identified as members of only a few families or groups. Forest species are more numerous and more difficult to identify.

Bass Harbor Campground is located near the junction of four types of habitats: ocean, marsh and bog, fresh water ponds and forest. Each offer endless possibilities for viewing birds and wildlife.

The office can provide you with brochures and guides. The staff will be happy to offer assistance and guidance to get you started on your way to an enjoyable bird-watching experience. Acadia National Park offers several programs and birding excursions weekly. Be sure to check their schedules.

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