If you love to fish, be sure to bring along your favorite rods and reels when you camp at Bass Harbor Campground. There are plenty of fresh and salt water places that will give your tackle a workout. Salt water fishing requires no license or fees. Fresh water Non-Resident licenses cost $23.00 for three days and are available from the Town Clerk just a mile or so from the Campground. Bait for both fresh and salt water fishing is available nearby.

There are several local boat captains who offer deep sea fishing. Bait and tackle are provided. There is even one trip that assigns each passenger a Lobster trap number.... when the trap is pulled, you get to keep anything of legal size in your trap!

There are many lakes on Mt. Desert Island, and several offer good fishing. Boats and canoes are available for rent. Ask in the office for details.

So, while the family is off shopping in Bar Harbor... you can spend the day fishing on our lakes, sea shore, or at sea!

Some of the Fishing Opportunities Available:

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