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AINE is known worldwide for its lobster. Bass Harbor is Mount Desert Island's largest harbor devoted to lobster fishing. So, what better place to enjoy this Maine delicacy than here at Bass Harbor Campground less than a mile from the docks where lobstermen unload their daily catch.

On 3 to 4 days a week during July and August (Weather permitting) a lobster cookout is held from 4:30 to dark with a bonfire. Bring your chairs, hot dogs (for the few who don't like lobster!) or marsmallows, drink of your choice, and enjoy meeting the staff and other campers.

The price of the lobster dinner will vary with the market price. Check in the Office for prices and availability. If you would like to plan for a large party of lobster eaters, let the Office know at least a day ahead to be sure of an ample supply of lobsters.

The Lobster and Bonfire Gathering Place is at the entrance to the "C"-Section near the Bathhouse.

The Lobster Cook-Out proved to be very popular with our campers during the 2009 Summer Season. The Cook-Out will be offered again during the 2010 Season!

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