on and around
Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Island provides the photographer, amateur or professional, an uncountable number of opportunities for picture taking. A "Postcard Scene" awaits you around every corner. No one need ever leave here feeling that there wasn't anything to take a picture of!

Acadia National Park schedules several photographic walking tours each week during the summer season. An experienced professional photographer leads these tours and offers participants expert guidance in picture-taking.

Just a few minutes walk from your campsite at Bass Harbor Campground is one of the most photographed Lighthouses on the Eastern coastline of the U.S. Since we use the Bass Harbor Lighthouse in our logo, many of our campers send us copies of their photographic efforts. We are pleased to feature one on this page. Please feel free to send us your photos of the Lighthouse and other subjects around Mount Desert Island. We will show selections of the photos we receive here. (Our Web Master couldn't resist using this sunset photo in our logo on this page... and one other page. See if you can find it!)

Sunset photo of Bass Harbor Light by Lee Guldin

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